Sharyl Atkisson’s Laptop

Worse than anything the Nixon administration ever did.”

And how about this? “Both CBS and the White House declined to comment.”

You don’t say.

[Update a few minutes later]

[Update a while later]

Thoughts from (lawyer) John Hindraker at Powerline:

If this were a Republican administration, every reporter in Washington would be on the story, as would various law enforcement agencies. Given that we are talking about a Democratic president, Attkisson shouldn’t expect any help. If I were she, I would hire one of the top litigation firms in Washington and look into suing appropriate federal agencies. That won’t be easy; the most obvious obstacle is that she has to have evidence that a particular agency was involved in the hacking/spying operation in order to survive a motion to dismiss, but it will be hard (maybe impossible) to get that evidence without the ability to do discovery in the lawsuit. But having her own lawsuit allows her to run her own show, and private lawyers are generally far more effective at unearthing and processing information than, say, Congressional committees.


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  1. “Worse than anything the Nixon administration ever did.”

    Looks like the presidential-corruption-o-meter will have a new standard bearer for the next generation, as will the presidential-incompetence-o-meter.

    We truly get the government we deserve.

  2. The people who did this will still be drawing government paychecks long after Obama is gone. Obama should be held accountable but perhaps a larger problem is the prevalence of Democrat government workers who use the power of the federal government to go after their political opponents. More laws and regulations wont stop people who already willfully break the law. There has to be a cultural reformation in the Democrat party that brings ethics to the party and a willingness to hold their own to the same standard they hold others.

      1. As true in 1858 as today:

        “That is the real issue. That is the issue that will continue in this country when these poor tongues of Judge Douglas and myself shall be silent. It is the eternal struggle between these two principles — right and wrong — throughout the world. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time, and will ever continue to struggle. The one is the common right of humanity and the other the divine right of kings. It is the same principle in whatever shape it develops itself. It is the same spirit that says, ‘You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.’ No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a king who seeks to bestride the people of his own nation and live by the fruit of their labor, or from one race of men as an apology for enslaving another race, it is the same tyrannical principle.”
        — Abraham Lincoln

    1. ” There has to be a cultural reformation in the Democrat party that brings ethics to the party and a willingness to hold their own to the same standard they hold others.”

      The only way that sort of cultural reformation will occur is time in the slammer. And I don’t mean one of those Federal country club Pens. People usually don’t reform themselves out of the goodness of their heart. Especially if being bad is profitable along with those minimal consequences.

      Once there’s a Republican majority in Congress and a/or a Republican in the White House you may rest assured the dirty tricks divisions will go into high the White House

  3. I wonder if we could get a law passed someday outlawing public-employee unions, and convince Roberts* to uphold it as a tax.

    * He really ought to have been impeached for that; the unconstitutionality of his ruling proves the unconstitutionality of what he upheld.

    1. I believe that public sector unions were enabled via executive orders, first by JFK and then expanded by Nixon. I seriously doubt that any Congress would have the fortitude to pass legislation overriding those executive orders and thereby outlawing public sector unions, but I also don’t see any Congress having the fortitude to pass legislation enabling public sector unions were a President to use executive orders to undo what the prior Presidents did. Seems like a willing President could end this.

    2. I’d support impeaching Roberts over that convoluted ruling if I expected the sitting chief executive to appoint someone better.

      As for public employee unions, good first steps would include
      – right to work
      – classifying an employer collecting union dues without written permission as felony embezzlement or similar.
      Both would weaken the ability to funnel money to unions.

  4. As a newly-minted Far Left Progressivist, I can speak for Comrades Jim, Gerrib, et al, and say that this bimbo is making absolutely false accusations. This is the most transparent, accountable Administration in the history of the Republic, or possibly the history of people-kind. Nothing she says is true. She just got fired for having sex with a horse, I’m sure. Isn’t that always why these bimbos get fired? For having sex with horses? There can be no other explanation. None whatsoever.

    So there!

  5. When I first heard the story, I wondered what the goal was for planting the classified documents on her hard drive. The malware they infected her computer with were keyboard loggers that enabled them to intercept what she was typing including account passwords. However, they wouldn’t provide information on what was already on the hard drive. It’s possible to develop a smart program that will search a hard drive for specified information but there’s no indication that was happening here. Perhaps the planted documents would prove an excuse to seize her computer to allow for a more in-depth analysis of the contents.

  6. “I’ve read a lot of stuff by [Atkinsson], and found [her] utterly untrustworthy. It’s only her word that somebody found classified documents on her computer. And who is this supposed expert anyway? So someone who left CBS in a snit is now making accusations….smells fishy to me…..”

    – Channeling Baghdad Jim

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