2 thoughts on “The Problem With Policing”

  1. The funds shouldn’t be going into either the police system or the judicial system (anywhere) in the first place. I could stand the state department of transportation (better road -> better speed limit) or department of education (A class ‘these are all of the capital crimes and felonies’).

    That is: “sin taxes/fees/seizures” should be designated directly at reducing or minimizing the effects of the problem outside the enforcement and adjudication arms.

  2. I had a good friend and blogging partner, who was a retired NYC policeman, then a detective. He passed away this time last year, but we talked numerous times about NYC, and Manhattan, and the police up there, he was a native, I’ve got family up there, so there was a connection.

    Tony said the biggest problem with the NYC Police Force is that being smart enough, quick enough and tough enough to be on the force there, come in 6th, 7th and 10th on the list of qualifications. Being a part of X ethnic group, Y age group and Z sexual preference are 3rd, 3nd and 1st, on the list.

    Promotions are given more along lines of post initial police training, going to people with college degrees of almost ANY kind, over time working as a policeman. Given the liberal attitudes in big cities, I wonder if that’s not the rule in places where we see things like choke holds or a 6 cops firing 90 or 100 shots, hitting the perp over and over and over, when it’s not needed.

    (and I say that as a CCH / daily carrier who practices regularly)

    Beyond just policing, I’m shocked by the number of people running out to protest in cities nationwide, who trust Jon Stewart and Steve Carrel for the ‘facts’ of these cases, but think the Grand Jury got ‘it’ wrong! The police have an uphill climb as it is. But their job is doubly hard when so many of the citizens have not just bad information, but info stilted toward making the police the bad guys, and turning the thugs into victims, even when the thugs have extensive criminal records.

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