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  1. To save a little bit of time and digging, after going through Instapundit and a few other travails, the “Unnamed Journal” is The New Jurist and the original “Letter to the Editor” that prompted the whole thing is available at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2623641, written by Seth Barrett Tillman.

    The gist of it all is that some young SJW “academic lawyer” (which sounds suspiciously like a euphemism for ‘someone who got a law degree, then a PhD, and never practiced a billable minute of law in his/her life’) named Hal Brinton purported that the word “n*gger” was in the movie Jurassic Park. He was corrected by Mr. Tillman (and likely others), with additional commentary about how harmful it is to cry “wolf” when there aren’t any wolves around. He asked New Jurist to take down the article (he was shown to be wrong, and his pride was likely hurt), they complied, and at some point along the way he must have gotten wind of the letter and demanded a formal apology from Mr. Tillman.

    People need to grow thicker skin nowadays. I mean, honestly…

    1. A bit short of a PhD, actually. He’s an undergraduate law student.


      The test scores on his resume don’t look like something worth advertising. Mostly in the 60’s, with a high of 70 in only one subject? Is that considered acceptable performance in law school?

      That “New Jurist” publication seems odd also. They call themselves the world’s first international law magazine — founded in 2007? Really? A little googling shows the Virginia Journal of International Law has been published continuously for 54 years. How does one make a mistake like that?

      1. “Mostly in the 60’s, with a high of 70 in only one subject?

        Well, it shows progress and steady improvement from 63% up to 70%. That’s something, right?

        And now that I look more closely, 4 of the 7 listings are actual classes, the other 3 are individual assignment or “module” scores.

        Note also that there are no scores or classes listed since July 2013, and claims to have started at Leeds in 2013. Unless he took those classes in summer school at Leeds, they might even be High School courses.

        To borrow an internet-ism, “I can’t even…”

        Thank you for sharing that link, though. It relieves me of the desire to spend any more time on Master Brinton’s naivete.

      2. Maybe his school is holding the line on grade inflation? Otherwise someone should have told him not to post his grades.

  2. Now that I think about it, I would happily award at least 2 internets to any fellow Transterrestrian who is able to provide a link to the demand for apology made by Brinton to Tillman. I have a feeling that it was a private e-mail correspondence, unfortunately.

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