6 thoughts on “Mark Steyn’s New Book”

  1. Wow, that’s good stuff. I’ll be buying a copy to support Steyn. The whole CAGW mess will, in the end, have done irreparable harm to public trust in science. This is evidence of “bad faith.”

    Science is already suffering from the recent messes with irreproducible studies in medicine. A big difference is that one can plausibly explain the medical results with publication pressure, publication bias, and the fact that with enough samples, you’re bound to find some 3-sigma result by chance. No “bad faith” need be involved. The CAGW stuff, on the other hand, is simply a scam, from the researchers whoring themselves for money to the technocratic elite and watermelons seeing a chance to gain more control over the proles and implement more socialist policies.

      1. The only Amazon links that I see on the left sidebar are for the book; one for the physical copy and one for the Kindle version. There is no longer an Amazon Search bar over there. As someone off-handedly commented in a different thread a week or so ago, the Affiliate search has been replaced by “Let’s Fight Hunger Together”, which is just a static image and has no link to anything at all.

        I just made a smallish purchase last night on Amazon and actually came to TTM first to try to pass on affiliate credit, but I’m not sure if it worked by clicking through the Kindle version to get to Amazon before making my purchase. As I’ve mentioned in years passed, I wish there was some sort of indication about to whom I was giving Affiliate credit when I make a purchase. I always have a sneaking suspicion that some website I visited a week prior is somehow getting credit for my purchase because they were able to set a cookie when I visited them.

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