4 thoughts on “Hiatus Revisionism”

    1. I left a couple of notes there. We’ll see if they get past moderation or are answered.

      The points I made are:


      “NH nearly always has larger anomaly than SH?”

      For 100 years, they moved in sync. Now, they are diverging:


      Which is more likely, that they actually started to diverge after agreeing for 100 years, or that the data have been “adjusted” to show warming where there is none?

      I think it is pretty clear that NH temperatures are the outlier, and these data are not reliable.

      This is moving the goalposts. The AGW hypothesis was that CO2 is THE dominant influence. Only, now it isn’t the dominant influence.

      If natural variations can cause the “pause”, then they could have caused the preceding increase. As of now, there is no evidence to confirm the hypothesis at all.

        1. For real fun, ask them what ended each of the last several Ice Ages, and whether “global warming” or some sinister plot involving Exxon and Halliburton ended the last one eleven thousand years ago.

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