9 thoughts on “Shorten Your Workouts”

  1. Since I’m a math buff (or “maths” for the Brits), I decided to analyze this advice. The limit of exercise benefit versus exercise duration as duration approaches zero is, apparently, infinite. So I opt for zero workout duration, and will reap the maximum possible benefit.

    It goes along with what I say whenever someone thanks me for a favor I’ve done them. I say “It’s the least I could do.” The unstated background to that is that I always do the least I can do, so they really didn’t get anything special.

    Is that wrong?

  2. I’m going to peruse this later; but I have knee and back problems, and these high-intensity/interval workouts never seem to have modifications for hobbling fossils like myself.

    1. I had a knee problem for years. Then I developed back pain about a year ago. I started a weight training program for my back. The bonus was that it first fixed my knee. And the back is much, much better, although not completely perfect. One week away from the weight room and I was sorry.

  3. I would add to Glenn’s amendment about No DC residence for Congress when it is not in session. I would want the session to be extended in time of war. I would also want each State’s congressional delegation to be provided by their own legislature with a required concentrated housing/living/meeting/working/center so that they need not be getting other institutions’ favors while they are in town, and must be evicted a day after the session ends.

    This will keep unions and corporations, both, from excess influence during the sessions through providing private luxurious housing. It will also allow State delegations to be more coherent in their interior network, and accessible to their state legislatures and governors with less effort. This will increase the power of the States over the Federal government.

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