9 thoughts on “Amending The Constitution”

  1. I would add to Glenn’s amendment about No DC residence for Congress when it is not in session. I would want the session to be extended in time of war. I would also want each State’s congressional delegation to be provided by their own legislature with a required concentrated housing/living/meeting/working/center so that they need not be getting other institutions’ favors while they are in town, and must be evicted a day after the session ends.

    This will keep unions and corporations, both, from excess influence during the sessions through providing private luxurious housing. It will also allow State delegations to be more coherent in their interior network, and accessible to their state legislatures and governors with less effort. This will increase the power of the States over the Federal government.

  2. I would like to see the Constitution, as it is and currently amended, enforced and adhered to and treated as the law-of-the land.

    I think we have a pretty good Constitution, that is, were it followed.

    1. As long as we have our social information passed through institutions that believe they *must* be better and more insightful than those who wrote and those who amended the US Constitution, they will be telling their students that it should be “interpreted”, to give graduates of their schools the power to do as they please in allocating the resources of society. They call this “pragmatism”, when in fact it is the self-interest of academia. Every time they “interpret” the Constitution to justify more positions for more graduates inside government, they also increase the demand to be certified by academia, and of course, that increases the demand for tenured certifiers inside academia.

  3. All good ideas.

    I’d also like an upper age limit on Senators and federal justices – especially SCOTUS justices.

  4. We need to fix the people before we attempt to fix the constitution. Otherwise the risk is too great.

  5. Instead of an amendment prohibiting a Senator from running for president how about a three or two term limit as an amendment instead?

    Also so glad the ninth circuit has our back when it comes to terrorist infiltration…

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