4 thoughts on “My Lawsuit”

  1. If it goes to the supreme court I’d think there’s a book deal in there someplace! I love that they quoted ya.

  2. English doesn’t have enough forms of possessive reference, intrinsic, associative, and ownership are all a bit different.

    intrinsic- my arm
    associative- my wife
    ownership- my car

    (Niven had an amusing take on this in a Draco’s Tavern story, where the Chirpsithra’s husband was her property, and Schumann retracted his question why…)

    It’s really MM’s lawsuit that you are an unwilling participant in. I think we’d all understand if you referred to it as “That damn lawsuit”.

    1. Which is why generosity of understanding is important. Saying, “the lawsuit to which I’m involved” isn’t quite as crisp.

  3. Do you read Skeptical Inquirer, the popular magazine of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry? They ran interviews with Mann in the past two issues.

    Never did mention his efforts to legally silence those who disagreed with him

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