4 thoughts on “Bi-Lingual People”

  1. Problems may have one answer, yet have multiple solutions. The brain seems to get in a rut, following the same path for similar problems. Multilingual people are creating new paths so it’s not surprising they would include those paths in solving problems.

    I notice that computer programmers often play a musical instrument and it does seem to help. I never did learn a musical instrument and wonder how that may handicap my thoughts.

    Experience matters.

  2. It seems that finding more ways to use different parts of your brain is useful in doing anything with your brain better. Since our brain is better at picking up certain skills at certain times, this should be reflected in our education system but since it isn’t, good parenting is just as important as it ever was.

  3. Recommend this documentary:


    The guy who solves calendar questions in his head. The video is not available but the transcript is and you can click on that.

    There is also the case of the guy who does large multiple digit division (like into 8-12 digits or more?) in his head in realtime. Can’t remember who it is, but seem to recall he gained the ability again after a severe illness and fever almost killed him. Says he does it visually somehow.

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