8 thoughts on “Tax Cuts As “Theft””

  1. If “liberal” State-fellators are going to co-opt Proudhon’s “Property is theft,” I wish they’d at least co-opt his anti-statism, too. In terms of economics he may have been as much as a dunce as Pelosi, et al; but at least he know who the real enemy was and is: the State. I did a paper on him in college, and reading his writings I was struck by how much of a proto-libertarian he was.

  2. Reading the Wikipedia article on Reification(Marxism). The Leftist Argument became clear: There are only 24 hours in a day, all labor is equally valuable because “fairness”, therefore Capitalism sucks! Your ill-gotten money belongs to us.
    As a former supervisor there were workers that would have been more productive if they had stayed home…

  3. From my perspective, nobody believes in private property because govt. has a claim on it that would take it away in time.

    It’s not yours if it’s taken away or regulated no matter how endurable. You’re just part owner until not owner.

    Govt. may have the moral right to tax which doesn’t change my point in the least.

  4. Revenues go up and the debt goes up. Tax rates go down and spending goes up. Might was well let people keep more of their own money since either way we get deficit spending.

    1. Which puts a complete lie to the fallacy of consent of the governed. There is and can not be any such thing. The best we can do is Randy Barnett’s ‘presumption of liberty.’

      Out of control govt. is a blatant reality. That so many are supportive of it, is the crisis. This is a manufactured crisis that starts with the education system and maintained by the media. It should never have ever come to be, but did because adults failed to oppose it. Opposition seems to have died with Breitbart who did something nobody is really doing today… he confronted it in their faces. Writing articles is no where near enough. Invite debate and know how to deal with lefty misleading tactics.

      We need to stop treating the left as if they had anything intelligent to say. When they claim something false we need to shut them down. Completely. Which includes losing their job if that job is to educate or inform. They aren’t qualified. No exceptions. Let them scrub toilets for a living.

      We have to be careful because some things are just a difference of opinion, but when something is provably false that’s different. It’s not enough to just shake your head and let the misinformation continue.

      This has nothing to do with free speech either. People can still continue to say any stupid thing they like. They just can’t hold jobs that pass known falsehoods to another generation of idiots.

      We also have to guard against being browbeaten into accepting things as true that aren’t. For example, I still believe Obama’s grandmother that she was at his birth in Kenya. I have never seen any convincing evidence otherwise but have seen counter arguments that are full of holes and self serving. I can handle being ridiculed. However, that fight has passed.

      1. There’s also no such thing as ownership of property, at least in states which levy personal property tax. My state of Virginia does. What it means is that even when I pay off my mortgage and my car loan (latter is done, former will be soon), I have to pay the State of Virginia in perpetuity for these items – and if I don’t, the State of Virginia will take them away from me and sell them. Which means that no one in Virginia actually owns property; they just rent it from the State.

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