7 thoughts on “No, Leftist Professors”

  1. Douglass was both a radical thinker and a proponent of classic 19th-century political liberalism.

    He was really a communists like today’s “liberals”. If you were a scholar, with different training, you would immediately recognize that.

    On the surface Douglass does appear to be self-made — he was the escaped slave who willed his own freedom, stole the master’s language and wrote masterpieces of antislavery literature. But without many people, especially women (his grandmother, two wives, a daughter and countless abolitionist women who supported his career) as well as male mentors, both white and black, he would not have survived and become Douglass.

    He didn’t build that! The author is lying when he says that Douglass didn’t ever get any help. You can’t be self made if someone ever helped you.

    Douglass, the greatest American abolitionist, also happened to be a Republican in a century when that party stood for using government to free people.

    We keep telling them they hate black people and they keep celebrating their black heroes. How can they not see that every cause isn’t just like freeing the slaves? All of these things intersect you know.

    1. The complaint I have seen on twitter from illustrious handles like black republican, is that libertarianism doesn’t work because Jim Crow was an example of libertarian style limited government.

      1. Um, I hope you pointed out that Jim Crow laws were enacted and enforced by government. I seem to recall reading that the bus segregation Rosa Parks got arrested for defying, was enacted over the objections of the bus line in question.

        Not very libertarian.

          1. The same way a recent fad was Democrats wanting to remove statues of Democrats put up by earlier Democrats to celebrate a war started by Democrats because they lost an election.

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