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  1. I take issue with this post’s obvious attempt to apply logic to situations that are so inherently offensive that reasoning does not apply. In fact, I think I must retreat back to my safe space and avoid reading further commentary.

  2. “For reasons I may never understand, a lot of people in 2018 America regard victimhood as a sort of currency. The worse off you claim to be, the higher your status.”

    Where has Treacher been for the last 15-20 years??? We’ve had a victim culture for a long long time. Rachel Dolezal, for example, is only a recent manifestation of the victimhood-chic.

    But he’s spot-on here:

    “Nobody has the right to not be offended.”

    And that’s the core of what must be changed. What offends people is highly subjective and subject to the whims of the day. The fact that no one has the right to NOT be offended lives forever – provided you don’t buy into the “offend/victim” culture.

    1. Dolezal, Warren, and the others who lie about their ethnicity have to do so because they belong to a group where your chances for advancement are greatly diminished by being white. I think this is why there is such a large crossover between the radical left and the white nationalist groups. The authoritarian power over people appeals to them but the only way for them to get the power they want from leftism is to join the white nationalists.

      1. White Nationalism is just another branch of identity politics. And, since most of the people involved are National Socialists, it’s not surprising that they get many of their recruits from the far left.

        It’s also not very smart (e.g. the idea that white French, Britons and Germans are going to start singing Kumbyah together after centuries of killing each other), which probably appeals to the left, too.

        1. After Mr. Trump’s remarks, I am concerned about an influx of Norwegians here in South Central Wisconsin.

          Remember the remarks Garrison Keillor made for so many years about persons in the Norwegian Diaspora? For years I somehow thought that he was of Norwegian heritage that he spoke so freely, but this is not true.

          Now, poof! He is gone, an unperson, airbrushed out of all the official photos, his merchandise gone from the MPR Web site. It’s no accident, I tell you.

      2. Oh, I don’t know. I think the time will come when someone seeking office will stand at the podium, look uncomfortably at his/her shoes, and confess to being white…the ultimate victim. So vote for me!

        1. What I want to say in this comment is simply, “TMI,” but the comment software won’t let me. So I have to include too much information in my reply, just to get it to post.

  3. It wasn’t so long ago that our friends to the left believed in being offensive just for the sake of being offensive. IOW, engaging in offensive acts because people thought they were offensive. Then when criticized, would respond it is their constitutional right and you were un-American if you said anything to them about it.

    This was a critical part in tearing down America and her institutions and why you see the freak out over Sessions saying Anglo. You can point out that this is just a reference to our cultural heritage and the response will be, “We know. That’s what makes it so offensive.”

    Well, obviously they still believe in being offensive for the sake of being offensive. Just look at their protests, artwork, or how they talk about people/groups/religions they don’t like. But they demand the out group always act according to strict codes of conduct.

    1. When you believe in a living constitution; then the rules are as fluid as you wish them to be.

      For example, now a Judge thinks he can now interpret Executive Orders, and rather they were made with sufficient just cause; although that’s well beyond Marbury v. Madison, which itself is extra-constitutional.

      1. It was never about the rules which Trump has revealed.

        I’m encouraged by turnover, but judges seem less susceptible.

        Allowing men of bad will like these extra-constitutional judges to continue to hold power means never having actual law.

        I’d prefer an honest shooting war.

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