3 thoughts on “Justice-Department Standards”

  1. The thing is Manafort and Gates could fight the charges, but Mueller has the unlimited budget of the United States, and he’s not even responding to Congress on how much of it he is using. When and if Manafort and Gates successfully fought the charges, there is virtually no chance of them getting their money back or holding Mueller accountable for the overcharging.

  2. Yes. The process is the punishment. That’s exactly what the Democrats who ginned up this witch hunt intended because it’s worked so well for them in the past.

  3. That this is allowed to continue a single day proves what our govt. has become.

    Instead of noticing that our house is burning down we’re all watching the sunset.

    That able men don’t fix this just means they deserve the same fate… This is the end of humanity and I’m in no way overstating it.

    It makes me hope my doctors are right because I don’t want to be around for the end game.

    Without rule of law you have the chaos of the jungle.

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