Male Cyborgs

#ProTip: If you want to try one of these, you are not a male heterosexual. You are bisexual, and have been behaving as het to get along in society.

I don’t have zero interest in this. I have extreme negative interest in this.

[Update a while later]

No one who describes themselves as “bi-curious” is heterosexual, by definition. Articles like this annoy me in the extreme, because they promote the nonsense that everyone is gender and sexuality fluid.

[Monday-morning update]

The case of the missing link has been solved.

13 thoughts on “Male Cyborgs”

    1. Heh, I like the photo going with the caption, “the sex dolls are described as totally realistic”. Yeah, for a woman to have that cup size and be that petite; she’d need fake boobs. But in an era when gender fluidity is considered real; then I guess those dolls are too.

      The only word I know that fits anyone who would try one of these is “sad”.

  1. No one who describes themselves as “bi-curious” is heterosexual, by definition.

    How far would you take this line of reasoning, Rand? Is a woman who is willing to do lesbian porn for lucrative financial compensation not heterosexual by definition? Is someone submitting to homosexual acts to avoid extreme consequences not heterosexual by definition?

    1. If she enjoys the lesbian sex, she’s to some degree bi-sexual, yes. In the case of the latter, of course not. Unless they also enjoy the acts. Sexual orientation is about desire, not behavior.

  2. As I’ve said before this is a slippery slope.

    “Officer, murder really? No way! Well, yeah, gosh I thought that blood looked real for a bot. Are you telling me that she wasn’t a bot? Yeah, well she screamed she wasn’t, but they all say that now! They’re programmed that way!”

    Botslaughter is not a crime but as the bots get better and better…
    This will not end well…

  3. BTW, technically they are androids not cyborgs. Cyborgs are human/machine hybrids. Requiring some if not most being biological. Think of the ST-NG Borg as a most recent example as opposed to Data who was a full on android. Or the 6 Million Dollar Man/Woman if you are bit older and remember the (19)70s. Or Robocop (the original not the remakes) if you remember the (19)80s. Those are examples of Cyborgs. Killing a cyborg would probably qualify as manslaughter under current law.

  4. It looks like they’re trying very hard to blur the line; long hair, effeminate face, chest that arguable looks like small breasts as much as male pecs… One is tempted to conclude that they’re doing this on purpose.

  5. Look there are thousands apon thousands of Chinese men that have zero chance of finding a bride. The population has been manipulated by government demands. THEY NEED SOME WHERE TO TURN. Sales will continue to skyrocket.

    1. After the population of China plummets because both male and female biologics prefer cybernetic partners to the biologic equivalent. It will get to the point the government will decide it has to step in to eliminate the cybernetics. And in a situation where enough cybernetic improvements have been made so that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference, assuming mistakes will be made, it won’t end well there either…

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