Junk Nutrition

A mix of good and bad dietary advice.

7 thoughts on “Junk Nutrition”

  1. The grubstreet article has some not only bad advice, but is flat out factually wrong on at least one point: ketogenic diets.

    The article says, “The only use of a ketogenic diet that is clearly medically justified is to treat refractory seizures in select cases, mostly in children.”

    Baloney! (and I’d prefer to use a far stronger expletive). An overwhelming majority of endocrinologists (somewhere over 90%, though cited figures vary as to how high over) recommend it (a low carb, or ketogenic) for type 2 diabetics and pre diabetics.

    And as for seed oil, I despise canola (which means Canadian Low Acid oil) so I avoid it because it tastes awful (I have my suspicions healthwise, too). But, as for my sesame seed oil, they can take that when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands (Maybe it’s not all that healthy, maybe it is, I don’t care, I love it).

  2. When it comes to nutrition and health, I try always to take the advice of Mark Twain on jury trials: “If you didn’t like the verdict, wait a while.”

  3. “Our forebears are thought to have eaten lots of insects, too. (Few people espousing the virtues of “Paleo” seem inclined to try that out.)”

    As a confirmed Paleo, I can state without qualification that insects is best.

  4. Wow! I just read an article where Michelle Obama confessed that her whole school food lunch thing was a fraud! It’s unbelievable!

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