5 thoughts on “Leftists In The Mist”

  1. Good read.

    Now, a man named Martin Quinn, 47, the leader of the protest, was taking a fearless moral inventory of the president, pegging him with insults in reverse alphabetical order, from “Zealot” to “Ableist.”
    “Thief!” Quinn yelled.
    “Impeach!” the crowd called back.

    Well, if we can’t impeach a president because he’s mean we’ve clearly lost our way.

  2. Now that’s a brave young reporter. Glad he got out with his sanity intact. These people really do live in a bubble. I’m not confident they will survive the inevitable bursting.

  3. “I’m not confident they will survive the inevitable bursting.”

    Hi Eric. What causes you to think their bubble will be burst? Or are you talking about the 2018 election?

    I’ve always thought that these people have far far too much idle time on their hands. If they were scrabbling for their very survival, a lot of Trump’s personality wouldn’t bother them.

    And they would like much of what he has done. And they would have considered Obama a wimp.

    “Have you seen the price of arugula lately?”

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