11 thoughts on “Leaving This “Wretched” Planet”

  1. I got tired of this writer’s wretched leftist Elysium BS.

    OK, so maybe Gordon Moore and his Law flies over the writer’s head, but Henry Ford too?

  2. The utter inability of the woman to understand anyone who is fascinated with spaceflight shone through crystal clear. Her focus on nearly irrelevant detail and the marketing guy’s attempt to keep Suffredini from being her lever for making it stranger than strange were also obvious. The only truly strange thing is why anyone would pay her for such an article.

      1. Why did I start humming DonHenley’s “Dirty Laundry” “♫ I make my living on the evening news ♫…” ?
        The writer makes a living writing Pop-Sci articles that have less depth than rain on pavement. Still, wonder if the editor that chose the title even read it…?

          1. I was expecting something like,

            I make my living on the rock-‘n-roll stage
            Writing silly songs and never acting my age…

            CNN would do it, these days.

    1. Kenneth Chang and Jeff Foust had a brief exchange about it on Twitter. Reading between the lines I gather Kenneth wasn’t particularly happy about the piece or the assignment 😉

  3. A tour guide quaintly referred to the onboard bathroom as a “potty.” There are no showers.

    The horror, the horror…

    The author was a little snide but there really wasn’t anything in the article like the headline. She lacked the imagination to think of things people would do besides watch TV, which means she isn’t the target market and probably doesn’t have great taste in movies either. Even with her lack of inquisitiveness, she did cover the main challenges of cost and comfort.

    Maybe because NY media is so focused on celebrity and pampering that all she could focus on was how celebrities and socialites would use these services but she did get dragged into mentioning what will likely be the primary customers, governments and researchers. Its too bad that she is only woke enough to mention that Germany might get their first female astronaut instead of using all of her critical theory prowess to find the ways marginalized countries will be able to enjoy the democratization of space for a mere $55 million a seat.

    How many countries have an extra $55 million? Even the Palestinians could have astronauts.

  4. They must have gotten some pushback on the URL, because it silently redirects to one with axiom-space-travel instead, now.

  5. Definition of mixed feelings – your new shiny super expensive interplanetary tour rocket fails on launch, taking Bloomberg, Gates, Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, Buffet, Brin and Page down with it.

  6. Judging by the geekwire article Axiom Space needs to update their human CGI models. Breast don’t keep their shape like that in 0g. I’m just saying. 🙂

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