6 thoughts on “The Climate Debate”

  1. I didn’t see anything I disagree with.
    But I think space exploration which might lead to new markets in space would most significant thing to do about “global warming” issue. Or most promising direction to do anything about future energy needs [and would have zero CO2 emissions, thouigh I think added CO2 to atmosphere is a good thing. And in future “greens” will want government program that add CO2 to atmosphere without being necessary for energy needs].

  2. Supremacist hubris on one side and humility on the other.

    IMO, the most important point is on 14, the last item on the list, focusing on resilience. AGW alarmists are so convinced that they can control nature and that our knowledge of past/present/future is perfect which blinds them to preparing for things we can’t control, like nature.

    For all of human history we have battled with a fickle and unpredictable nature. It is not only part of our mythology and culture but also hard wired through evolution. This is what makes AGW alarmism so appealing and devious. But the Prophets of Doom are preaching a false sense of security. Implementing their policies would not protect us from nature.

    The only way to cope with nature is through resiliency.

  3. The experiment is being conducted, so eventually we or our descendants will know.

    Me, I’m not investing in oceanfront property.

    1. The sea levels were higher during the last interglacial, so maybe not buying a beach house is a good idea. But living next to the sea has always carried risk from rising/lowering sea levels, storms, tsunamis, wildlife, interactions with humans, floods, ect.

      In the past, the answer was to adapt and innovate to deal with challenges from nature. In this post-modern era when humans are viewed as the divine, the answer is to change nature.

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