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  1. The problem is that is allows San Francisco to dominate the northern half of the state. If I lived in “Northern California”, I’d vote against this for just that reason.

    A better plan would put the two large urban areas together and let them mutually hate each other. To liven things up further, make San Jose (or better yet, Fremont) the state capitol.

    In any case, it’ll be really entertaining to have “Southern California” propose to tear down the one dam never included in the the nature lovers’ list of dams to remove. (Hetch Hetchy)

    1. Yeah, my first question, not knowing the political makeup at the county level well enough, was “is this map rigged to make sure all three states will be as reliably radical-left Democrat due to high-population coastal cities as the current one is?” I’m guessing Southern California might not be, but that the other two would.

      1. The southern part might be purple, for awhile, but the other parts would be so dingbat democrat as to be intolerable. If this passes I’ll be rooting for Congress to give it a big middle finger. Or baring that, war against San Fransicko.

        1. Southern Cal would be Republican, and become more so as conservatives migrated to it (I wouldn’t be the only one to move from LA to Orange County). Northern Cal would probably be purple, but it too could become more conservative from migration.

  2. Article IV Section 3 of the US Constitution requires the consent of the state legislatures and the US Congress for the subdivision or merger of any state(s). It also requires the consent of Congress to admit a new state. This would be a great opportunity for a Republican-controlled Congress (if they keep it) to admit only South California, leaving the leftist controlled California and North California to stew in their own sewage – and cease dominating federal elections.

    It would be a no-brainer to justify on a cost-benefit basis. If Congress admitted only one of the new states, think of all the money we would save not having to add two more stars to the American flag.

    1. The single-party CA legislature will never approve of breaking up the state, will never approve of loosing territory and power, never approve of loosing electoral votes. This initiative is meaningless.

      1. A lot of breakup opponents argue, rather that “California,” meaning all three new states, would end up with four more Senators and thus four more electoral votes.

        Looking at the Draper map, I fear this isn’t too far off the mark. Any map that puts Pyongyang-by-the-Bay in the same new state as Alturas and Susanville, is no more acceptable than the status quo.

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