Back To Florida

No posting until this evening, when I get there. Open thread, be good in comments.

[Update at 2300 EDT]

In Florida, survived both flight and the drive from Miami to West Palm Beach on surface streets, though it took a while (it was rush hour, and my rental car couldn’t affordably deal with turnpike tolls, 95 would have been a nightmare, and I saw some interesting territory between here and there that I never had). Anyway, back in the land of heat, humidity, and flat.

[Update a while later, before going to bed]

I was catching up on the news, including the too-narrow Republican win in Ohio, and I heard a strange noise outside. I went and opened the door and realized that it was something with which I had been recently unfamiliar, being from southern California. I think it’s called “rain.” In fact, the last time I’d heard it, a couple weeks ago, was the last time I was here in Florida.

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      1. No, the part at the very start where Marge wonders, “Everyone in Springfield must be at this meeting?” and then the scene cuts to burglars helping themselves to TVs, skis and computers remarking “This town must be stupid!”

      2. Notice that the update from FB notes the ad had to be relevant to her life’s story. Had she not been a minority woman whose parents fled Cambodia, she would not have been able to speak about the horrors of communism.

        Whenever people on the right would complain about music filled with the n-word or tv channels with crass jokes and movies of dubious moral nature, the response was to change the channel, no one is forcing you to watch/listen.

        The same is true for FB, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, Google searches ect. Don’t like someone on those platforms? Don’t watch, read, or listen, just change the channel. What is is about the left that they feel they must exterminate everything they dislike?

        Haven’t they learned from #metoo and the progressive stack that being on the left provides no protection from their lynch mobs?

        1. Whenever people on the right would complain about music filled with the n-word

          You do know the “Tipper Sticker” was named after Tipper Gore, co-founder of the Parental Media Resource Center, for insisting the music industry put labels on music filled with the n-word. It was Bill Clinton that pushed for the V-Chip.

          1. I’m old enough to remember “Tipper stickers”, and they went on more than n-word stuff. And of course, the left decries as racist such things as reacting against the n-word, because if you don’t embrace the use of the n-word, you’re a racist.

            And you’re right, it was Bill Clinton with that dang V-chip.

            Obviously, only one conclusion can be drawn here: Tipper and Al Gore, and Bill Clinton, were Republican right-wingers.

          2. Yes, you are correct. There are plenty of examples of this from the past from all sides of the political spectrum.

  1. A movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg(!) is due in theatres at Christmas(?) and it’s titled “On the Basis of Sex.” Now every time I think of sex I think of Justice Ginsburg. Is there any hope for me?

    1. No, there is no hope.

      Certain things cannot be unseen, and other things cannot be unimagined.

  2. In this time of Trump threatening our dearest and most basic freedom, the freedom of speech, we need to keep a wary and watchful eye on what he is doing to our country.

    Already Trump has made youtube ban, censor, and demonetize anti-SJW channels. He has made restaurants kick people out for being the wrong color and belonging to the wrong group. He made Twitter shadowban his conservative enemies and even get some bad actors kicked off the platform altogether. Thanks to Trump, there are roving gangs in the streets waging violence to stop other people from speaking and sometimes even from going to work or eating. Trump is so tyrannical he has even got Apple and Spotify to remove podcasts he doesn’t like. Trump even got Google to remove sites from search rankings and hosting companies to refuse service to unpopular sites.

    Some people say the real tyrants are on the left but we only have to look at all these things Trump has done to dismantle the rights that we all view as more than just restrictions on the government but ideals to live our lives by to know who the real Tyrant is. The real Tryant is Trump and he is the one responsible for purging malcontents and political enemies from society.

  3. Wodun,
    Funny thing…. # = pound in America

    Lmao everytime I see that or other “hashtags”….

    1. How is your garden doing, then?

      Not quite as much rain now, but we had a ton of rain and warm humid weather earlier this season. We had the best tart cherry season and peach season ever (yep, there is a variety of peach that grows here in ‘Sconsin). I haven’t kept up with the fungicide, however, and my Mount Royal plums got hit hard with brown rot. I am hoping my cleanup of withered fruit and the dose of myclobutanil I applied two weeks ago saves some of the crop.

        1. Amen, Rand. At least the ground was soft enough to let me pull many of them out with the roots and all.

    2. If you are getting that much rain, you might get hit hard by mosquitoes.

      I learned this year from a YouTube video from the California Contra Costa County public health department how to effectively use DEET (the main ingredient in most repellent).

      The difference between the 25% and the 50% concentration is not its effectiveness, rather, it is how long it lasts. You only need the 50% stuff if you are out in the woods and need it to stay effective for multiple hours. Otherwise, for a couple hours outside, the 35% stuff should be fine.

      The other thing is that it is not like aftershave, where you splash some on your face and are good to troll for a date in a singles bar. You don’t have to slather it, but it has to contact every square inch of exposed skin where you don’t want to get bit — if you have a patch of untreated skin, the mosquitoes won’t be repelled from landing there. You also need to get good coverage of your clothes, and the more permanent clothing treatment with permethrin (an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums) is an alternative.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I will look for that video and the squitos are acting up around my place.

  4. Out of idle curiosity, why do you fly in to Miami and drive all the way up to Palm Beach, when there’s an airport in Palm Beach? (I don’t know anything about the Palm Beach airport except that it’s a hell of a lot closer.)

    1. MIA is non stop, and cheaper fare, and more flights available. Plus some of the stops are Charlotte, which adds another couple hours to the trip. But I’m getting to the point that it would be easier to stop in Dallas and pay more.

      Believe me, I’d much prefer PBI (or even FLL), but Miami is American’s hub, and I am wedded to American.

      1. Yeah, I can see that. I used to fly Tampa to Greenville, SC, and half the time had to transfer through Charlotte. The military planes tended to clog up the runways, not to mention the fact that every time I did it, I would debark at one extreme end of the terminal and then have to get all the way to the other side of the airport in a fairly short window.

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