4 thoughts on “The Great White Culture War”

  1. But it’s important to understand that when conservatives confront a political coalition that seems to be cheering the decline of “whiteness,” they often experience it as an attack on “white people the Left doesn’t like.”

    That’s because it is an attack on white people the left doesn’t like. And the attack is birthed through the ideology that motivates identity politics which ignores differences in white people and their experiences, critical theory and marxism.

    It isn’t so much self-flagellation as it is just flagellation because you can’t have justice without punishment and who is going to get punished by the Democrats and how totalitarian will their methods of punishment be?

    I wonder if French views any of his animosity toward the election of Trump through the filter he writes about in this article? He cites two books but his education is deficient. He should spend a few hours and watch these amazing documentaries History of White People in America and Cadyshack.

  2. Speaking of the white culture war, Argentina’s senate just rejected an expansion of abortion by a vote of 38 to 31 with 2 abstaining. The New York Times reassures the faithful that the bill was “narrowly rejected.”

  3. When people ask me about my white privilege, I tell them I am as privileged as a Kulak. It usually goes over their heads.

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