A Never Trumper

…finally grateful for Trump:

A few moments have crystallized my view over the past few days.

The first moment was a remark by a friend. “I’d rather be accused of murder,” he said, “than of sexual assault.” I feel the same way. One can think of excuses for killing a man; none for assaulting a woman. But if that’s true, so is this: Falsely accusing a person of sexual assault is nearly as despicable as sexual assault itself. It inflicts psychic, familial, reputational and professional harms that can last a lifetime. This is nothing to sneer at.

The second moment, connected to the first: “Boo hoo hoo. Brett Kavanaugh is not a victim.” That’s the title of a column in the Los Angeles Times, which suggests that the possibility of Kavanaugh’s innocence is “infinitesimal.” Yet false allegations of rape, while relatively rare, are at least five times as common as false accusations of other types of crime, according to academic literature.

I am sickened by vile people willing to condone an accusation of rape in pursuit of political ends. It’s a horrible thing to do to someone, and it is compounded when people shrug it off as though it’s no big deal, and then criticize someone for their “temperament” when they defend themselves against it.

I would also note that the next murder victim who falsely accuses someone of their murder will be the first.

And this is amazing.

Leland Keyser (Bob Beckel’s ex-wife) told investigators that Monica McLean pressured her to “clarify” her statement that was key evidence against Blasey Ford. McLean’s lawyer is David Laufman. He (DOJ) and Peter Strzok were the two seniors in the softball Hillary interview. What a circle jerk.

[Update later morning]

“I’m an immigrant minority woman who is becoming a Republican over the treatment of Kavanaugh.”

She won’t be the last. I hope we find out in a month that the Democrats are going to reap a whirlwind.

[Afternoon update]

Conservative women are angry. At the Democrats.

[Update mid afternoon]

Women should fear Democrat “champions”:

Claiming most Americans are racist gives Democrats political power over blacks. Of no concern to them is the harm this lie has inflicted on blacks’ happiness and wellbeing. Democrats have sewn up the black vote for the past 50 years and delivered nothing but destruction of their men, their families, and their chances at economic success. Now it is women’s turn for the Democrats’ dysfunctional brand of ‘protection.’

Lucky them.

[Update a while later]

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  1. In my forty plus years of voting I have never felt more strongly on an issue that Kavanaugh’s treatment by the left. I want to see the left burned to the ground politically.

  2. As Roger Simon has noted, a really big question is how the AA community will view this. Blacks are, with historically good reason, rather sensitive to the weaponization of sexual assault allegations.

    If the Dems precipitate a significant movement of black voters into the arms of the GOP, they will cease to be a nationally competitive Party. My sense is, the swelling ranks of middle and upper class blacks make it just a matter of time before that happens anyway. A tone-deaf power play like this one may accelerate the transition.

    1. I saw something this morning saying the latest polls show 35% support (approval?) for Trump among black people, up from something like 23% a year ago.

    2. Instapundit Glenn Reynolds’ political commentary is usually limited to pithy one-word rejoinders such as “Heh” or “Unexpectedly!” His previous record for multi-word statements is the explanation of his take on Global Warming “I’ll believe it is a crisis when those saying it is a crisis act like it is a crisis.”

      His unusually wordy response to the Kavanaugh imbroglio regards Mr. Trump as playing 6-dimensional chess. His explanation goes something like this. Whoever Trump nominated was going to be at the center of a stuff-storm of Democrat rage, so he nominated someone who (in law professor Reynolds’ estimation) was the most uncontroversial-middle-of-the-road-establishment-Republican he could think of. When the squishes and RINOs see the same fury directed at them that has been poured on Mr. Trump, well, you get the idea.

      1. Bingo. There’s no sane reason to oppose Kavanaugh if you actually respect the Constitution.

        So everyone voting against him is voting against the Constitution. And that’s obvious to left and right alike.

        The left don’t hate him because of whatever allegations they’re throwing at him, they hate him because they’ve imposed much of their agenda through unconstitutional court decisions, and he’s going to overturn them if he’s given the opportunity to do so.

        So, by voting against him, the Democrats are openly outing themselves as the anti-American party.

        1. “There’s no sane reason to oppose Kavanaugh if you actually respect the Constitution.”

          Well yeah but I really sincerely think the Dems do NOT respect the Constitution.

      2. If you read Glenn’s early posts, when he started blogging just before 911, they were much more extensive, but since then (like me) he’s found other outlets for his writing, with wider readership.

    3. A substancial percentage of black men who were lynched (by Democrats) were accused by white women of rape or sexual advances. Black men know that “believe the victim” where the accusation becomes the conviction is very dangerous to them.

  3. Strange. Watching CSPAN2 coverage of the senators speaking and they just finished. CSPAN2 in running some weird discordant white noise ambient sound in the background, like a horror movie.

    I don’t believe this is the natural background noise in the senate chamber.

  4. Ok so BK is in. And I’m glad of it and glad that Trump and BK stuck with it.

    But to me, the item of most interest is the response of McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Collins. Especially the latter two.

    I did not expect their determination to preserve the Constitution and to also call out the Dems. Especially Collins who I had tapped as a squishy RINO.

    So why is this? What changed these people?

    Could it be that the GOPe and NeverTrumpers have finally seen thatTrump’s methodology works? That standing tough can work? That you can win that way? That you get more votes being a tough conservative than you do trying to get lefty votes as a squishy RINO?

    After years and years of frustration as the GOPe caved to the Left I am guardedly optimistic that they now understand this.

    1. I appreciate what Collins did, but I’m happily surprised by Graham’s comeback to demonstrators, when he suggested perhaps we “dunk him in water and see if he floats”. That’s exactly how to handles these pathetically sad protestors.

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