4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back At The “Russia” Investigation”

  1. This is interesting, and highly troubling, but lest we forget, there was real and actual collusion with Russia by the campaign, and that’s not okay.

    I’m talking about the two Russian agents who went into Trump Tower for that meeting. They met with Fusion GPS before and after, and Fusion GPS had basically set it all up (and in so doing, relied on the stupidity of the Trump people in agreeing to the meeting). Fusion GPS thus had the ability to whistle up actual Russian agents. Most people don’t just happen to have the FSB and GRU on their rolodex. And Fusion GPS was a subcontractor for the DNC and also the Hillary campaign (and also hired Michael Steele), the latter hidden as a “legal fee”.

    And now we know those selfsame DNC lawyers were meeting with the FBI, just before the grounds for the FISA warrant was created, by themselves, using actual Russian agents? I think this is clear evidence of actual collusion (plus criminal conspiracy) between the campaign (Hillary’s) and Russia.

    I also think that an aspect that should be looked into, hard, is what kind of information were the FBI informants in Trump Tower generating, and more importantly, who was the FBI sharing it with? I believe it to be political operatives within the Obama White House, who were passing on Trump campaign internal info to the DNC.

  2. I’ve been wondering if the new FBI tv show is the “liberal” Hive’s attempt to rehabilitate the Bureau’s reputation, now that we know they’re part of the Deep State’s resistance to Trump. It used to be that “liberals” preached conciliation with Mother Russia and that the FBI was a gang of civil-liberties-trampling goose-steppers. My, how times have changed.

  3. RR is on the hook to fix it. Sessions assumed he was a good guy. Faulty assumption.

    Baker has turned and will hang them all. RR is caught and he knows it.

  4. We will know that the GOP (McConnell, Collins, Graham etc) now understand that being tough and forcing the issue and calling out the Dems will work IF:

    ..they now go after the “Russia probe” as strongly as they did the BK confirmation.

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