2 thoughts on “Ford’s Behavior”

  1. “The Democrats have squandered the #MeToo movement,…”

    And the same way they squandered the Feminist movement and the civil rights movement.

  2. Dr. Ford’s request for accommodation of a phobia of travelling by air appears to have been a transparent fraud perpetrated by a deliberate and coordinated campaign to “run out the clock” on the confirmation process.

    Such behavior disrespects persons with actual mental, cognitive and perceptual disabilities receiving lawful accommodation of their condition.

    Forget about accusations of assault behind a fog of patchy recall. A falsified claim of disability requiring accommodation from a college professor is a disgrace to the academic community and an affront to the students with disabilities whom we claim to serve.

    This also crosses over to being an academic integrity question. A scholar in the field of psychology claims a fear-of-air-transport and is flying all over the Pacific Ocean in pursuit of sports hobby? And we are to accept that person’s scholarly contribution at face value?

    My throwing shade on the persons pranking journals in “Grievance Studies” didn’t get much respect her on Rand’s fine site, but academic scholarship is largely an honor system. “Just kidding!” doesn’t cut it.

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