3 thoughts on “Rick Searfoss”

  1. This is so, so sad. I didn’t realize that he was younger that I am. He was a great guy, and a genuine enthusiast of Newspace. He, along with the whole XCOR team saved the 2005 XPRIZE Cup with the EZ Rocket.

    Rest in peace, Rick. You made this world a better place.

  2. Rick was our “NASA surplus” astronaut as I put it back then. I was privileged to be flight crew with him aboard the first four flights of the X-racer, hard to believe that was over a decade ago. Fly high Rick.

  3. Very sad news indeed. He grew up in New Hampshire near me, I was at the Cape to see his first launch (which was scrubbed, alas) but did meet him a couple of times. What a loss.

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