14 thoughts on “Great Moments In Lack Of Self Awareness”

  1. You are not running CNN because you are capable of shame.

    The job apparently requires that capacity to be absent.

  2. ABC and NBC certainly fired personalities for far less. I’d quit watching CNN, but that would require that I watch it at all.

  3. wow . what thin skin .. maybe we need a safe place so the mean ole’ CNN won’t hurt snowflakes feelings..

    sheesh rand .. to whine about this?

    How about something that matters.. you know .. like the sale of asteroid mining companies..

    1. I’m not “whining” about it. I’m simply pointing out his idiocy and lack of self awareness (and the hypocrisy of the people who whine about Trump). I hope he continues to be an idiot on CNN.

      1. I realize that this is your site and you can do what you wish, but let me offer the following (respectful) advice:

        Don’t feed the trolls

    2. Don Lemon, in the same sentence, says don’t demonize people and then demonizes people. That is, to repeat Rand, a great moment in lack of self-awareness. Rand simply is pointing this out.

      The funny thing is that triggers you, Vladislaw, into demanding Rand talk about something else. Take a chill pill Vlad. It’s healthy criticism. No need to go off half cocked to defend Don Lemon.

    3. Beep beep beep

      Just another drive by troll comment from Vladislaw, who is capable of discourse but makes his comments here without intent to discuss but just to try and get a rise out of people.

      [insert meme= orangemanbad; id:defendcnn;tactic:butthurtreverse]Yur der snawflake shadup[/orangemanbad]

      1. Correction: the name Vladislaw (or maybe Wladislaw?) denotes a Polish bot?

        Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian bots are “triggered” by being regarded as indistinguishable, interchangeable and confusable?

  4. This puts CNN is a tough spot because this is what Democrats believe and have been pushing in academia, media, and social media for at least a decade. The origin for this specific attack on white people was when people would take umbrage to Islamic terrorism and the Democrats response was to defend Islamic terrorism by saying the real terrorists are white people, especially men.

    It is similar to their stereotyping white people as being more likely to be serial killers, which turns out to be one of those not so true stereotypes that are just used to dehumanize the other.

    I’ve got in a few arguments with white supremacists on the internet, just as I have with marxists, and I have found that what animates them isn’t anything Trump has said, it is all the racist crap Democrats have said. The best way to create racists isn’t by dogwhistles about law and order or having a great country, it is by overt social justice policies that seek to punish people of a particular race for things they had no part in.

    Democrats are taking a country that by and large wasn’t racist and turning it racist through their policies to stop racism and punish groups based on race.

    Maybe one day, the Democrats will catch up to us on the right who don’t give a rip about someone’s race and instead judge them on their character and qualifications.

  5. White is the new bourgeois, an original sin which can be atoned for by saying the correct words and spending money in the correct ways (e.g., Engels or Soros).

    The inflection point was when white Democrat politicians started calling Brett Kavanaugh “white man” as an insult.

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