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  1. Blacks and Jews were allies during the days of the civil rights movement, but that went south a while ago, as we know. But despite Farrakhan et al., they aren’t that far apart ideologically, even today.

    There’s another mention of that Farakhan guy. I’ll ask again, isn’t there something anti-Semitic there? I mean, one group sees no problem with comparing Jews to termites, and the other (I think) does. But they’re ideologically similar?

    You would think the Jews, with their emphasis on education, might know better.

    Wait, are we allowed to say that? Jews emphasize education? Sounds kind of like an unfair stereotyping going on there.

    These people make me think of Berlin in the 1930s, and why things happened the way they happened. They would never fight back.

    OK, that’s GOT to be over the line there. Come on, the guy has got to get banned from somewhere for that disgusting anti-Semitic slur.

  2. Related: Trump Is the Best President Ever for American Jews

    The Democrat party is running anti-Semitic candidates in the midterms. Not one, many. As The Federalist’s Warren Henry reports, in Michigan Rashida Tlaib wants Israel wiped out as a Jewish state. In Pennsylvania, Scott Wallace has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the anti-semitic BDS campaign. In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar says Israel “hypnotized the world” and hopes Allah would awaken people to “the evil doings of Israel.” In Virginia, Congressional nominee Leslie Cockburn wrote a book that whose theme is that Jews control our government, and claims that Israel caused the cold war with Stalin. The leftist Andrew Gillum, running for governor in Florida, supports BDS and the anti-Israel group Dream Defenders. A socialist candidate for Congress in Boston, Ayanna Presley, held an event with Nation of Islam members outside a mosque known for anti-Semitic conspiracy speakers.

    Twenty-one members of the Black Congressional Caucus invite and consult with the odious Farrakhan, who has spread Nazi-style anti-Semitism among American blacks for decades, with no pushback by Democrat leaders. This goes far beyond photo ops. According to NRO, one example among many, Farrakhan was invited to speak at the 32nd annual legislative conference of the CBC, where he “held capacity audiences spellbound,” and “was mobbed by celebrities, supporters and members of Congress.” Lower Democrat politicians like the City Councilor in DC blame bad weather on Jewish bankers as a scheme to ‘own the cities.’

    Anti-Semitism is as much a part of the Democrat left as it is of neo-Nazi skinheads. Skinheads are shunned as pariahs by everyone in America. Leftist anti-Semitism is supported and rationalized by Democrat liberals. If they can, they blame it on Israel. If they can’t, they cover their own collusion with evil by screeching like banshees that Republican patriotism is white supremacy.

    I think there is at least one Jewish Democrat who frequents this space. I wonder how he rationalizes this ugliness when he goes to the polls and habitually fills in the blanks next to the big D’s.

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