4 thoughts on “Why Are We Still Fat?”

  1. Does not answer the question why “In 1976, 15 percent of American adults were obese. Now the it’s nearly 40 percent.”

    What has changed? What point is that it is a worldwide problem, so it’s not something just in the US diet.

    What I find fascinating if you look at old recipe books from the 1940s and 50s, the food people were eating then was full of fat and sugar.

  2. Foods became reduced fat because of the anti fat propaganda and to still make them tasty, sugar was added.
    Sugar is carbs, along with starch, pasta, potatoes etc.. check out the ingredients on the packaging. Added sugar in most things.
    Problem is carbs do not satiate you so you keep eating. (funny how that is profitable for the food industry – particularly for the production of low cost carbs)
    You need to distinguish between sugar and fat. The anti fat propaganda has run deep.
    The keto diet is my wife’s hobby and it has benefited us both. Also our friends. There seems to be be a renewed push against the keto diet by the usual suspects by spreading FUD without actually finding anything specific wrong about it. The usual suspects are deathly afraid of the stupendous class action if it is shown that their advice over the last 50 years is wrong and has resulted in epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s etc.

  3. The biggest travesty foisted on mankind has been the top down food triangle. Killed more people prematurely than the bubonic plague.

    You must cut carbs. Cut sugar. Cut vegetable oil. Basically all factory food. Stay always a little hungry.

  4. Using BMI as a definition of obesity is misleading. It sounds reasonable to look at body mass but the way BMI is calculated does not give real body mass. It looks at height and weight. This may approximate body mass.
    If I exercised such that I lost a pound of fat and gained a pound of muscle my BMI would not change. But I would have a healthier amount of fat and my actual body mass would change.
    A fat person looks more massive but has a lower density.
    So many ways BMI is just wrong…

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