3 thoughts on “The Great Recession Bailouts”

  1. I’m a motoring enthusiast and read a lot about cars and car companies (and, like many motoring enthusiasts, I drive a used car and read much more about new vehicles than buy them). Looking at GM and the other “Big 3” dumping cars from their lineups in favor of high-margin pickups and crossovers, I can’t help but wonder if those same companies would even have pickup sales if not for the “Chicken Tax”, and would GM finally retire the rest of their brands the way they eliminated Pontiac and Oldsmobile?

  2. Ten years ago GM was Too Big To Fail. Now they are on a trajectory to be otherwise.

    Some — of the “at some point I think you’ve made enough money” school of thought — might see this as proving the bailouts did work.

  3. A company makes products customers don’t want, and customers didn’t buy them.

    Who could have possibly seen that one coming?

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