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    1. It looks a little high for the neighborhood, but it’s a corner lot and essentially an all-new modern house (only thing we didn’t replace was the tile floor in main area and second bath). With the converted garage, it’s more square footage under air than most of the neighborhood. That’s what she thinks it should be listed for.

  1. I am flying down there tomorrow myself, headed to get my father-in-laws condo in Pompano Beach ready for the winter. Flying in and out of FLL.

    If I didn’t think my schedule full, I’d offer to buy you a cup of coffee. Or even lunch.

  2. I think you should stay in Florida. Florida has no state income tax, and has great weather. But in Florida, it might be best to live in a monolithic dome. They can withstand a category 5 hurricane, and an F5 tornado.
    Other great things about Florida.
    It has a Republican governor.
    Lots of Republicans in the state house.
    And it is where Spacex does its launches.
    I live in North Carolina.
    I do wish that we had Florida’s climate. Maybe with space mirrors, we could have Florida’s climate in eastern N.C.
    But how much would that cost? And how big would such a mirror be?

      1. I guess we will have a strong disagreement on that. I’ve lived in central Florida for most of my life. Now California is a place with problems.

      2. I’ve got 19-plus years in metro Atlanta. The traffic and summer humidity are the things that neither I nor Mrs. McG like, and are why we;re planning to retire someplace underpopulated and dry.

      3. I’m with you. I lived in Florida for 9 years and I couldn’t wait to get out of there and move back North.

        Too hot.

        Too flat.

        Very little snow (we got an occasional dusting in Gainesville)

        Too many snakes and scorpions.

        On the plus side the snorkeling in the West Palm Beach intracoastal waterway was very nice.

        I realize that nice weather is in the eye of the beholder so I no longer think people who want to live in Florida are crazy 😉

      4. As someone who is considering the “snowbird” option in Florida from the upper midwest, I would be curious to know what it is that you hate about Florida.

        1. Well, I hate it less in the winter than the summer. I think the issue is less that I hate it (I probably wouldn’t mind it as much living somewhere other than Palm Beach County, which culturally is the sixth borough of NYC, or New Jersey), as it having little to appeal to me in terms of lifestyle. I don’t boat, fish, swim, or golf, and I like mountain scenery. I just find it flat and boring.

    1. Fuck that shit! Florida is a fun place to visit in the winter to go diving but sucks donkey balls in the warm seasons.

      1. Fuck that shit! Florida is a fun place to visit in the winter to go diving but sucks donkey balls in the warm seasons.

        I am always amused by hypersensitivity to climate when exhibited by space advocates.

        1. I like a bit of cold. You can have Venus and I will take Mars.

          But hey, at least Venus is a dry heat!

        2. And who was it iwho said if he owned Hell and Texas that he would live in Hell and lease out Texas?

  3. Nice house, by the way. And in the case of impending disaster, you could fire up all the ceiling fans and fly her to safety.

    Location, location… The same house up here on Long Island would probably fetch in the mid-$400s. Of course, you’d need to upgrade the heating system.

      1. True enough, though we do have houses on slabs near the water. Also, insurance has gotten absurd since Sandy, with major parts of the island – that have never flooded – being declared flood zones.

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