3 thoughts on “Curiosity’s Future Travels”

  1. OT, Mark Steyn has a Mann-lawsuit update here.

    And pray tell, what exactly was this two-years-in-the-making amendment?
    This amended opinion adds a new footnote 39 and revises former footnote 45 (now 46).
    So former footnote 45 is now footnote 46.

    A good Thursday morning chuckle. Our host isn’t directly mentioned, just NR and CEI.

    1. An astounding travesty of justice taking place before our aging eyes. Witch will last longer, the war in Afghanistan or this trial? It should have been laughed out of court on Day 1.

  2. Zimmerman makes a meal out of this stuff. It is fun to read and the consistency in coverage is much more helpful than drive by superficial articles in the popular press.

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