4 thoughts on ““Oh, No””

  1. It is interesting how the article describes a careful, deliberate, and contemplative use of Twitter and social media by Trump as him being a Luddite and an idiot. Sure Trump could have scrapped the mentions and imported them into some sort of text editor or pdf viewer and annotated them but it is easier to use a highlighter and a pen on paper.

    It is impossible for Politico to not be negative, too much potential for excommunication. One of the biggest untold stories of our current times is the social pressure put on people to hate Trump and also anyone not a Democrat. People on the fringes knock around the topic, because they are victims of it, but it is largely unexplored and it is a society wide phenomenon. It like people are afraid to even talk about it.

  2. Perhaps Trump’s greatest super power: in one tweet he can compel the establishment media to both repeat his message, and expose their true colors in their rabid response.

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