2 thoughts on “My Lawsuit”

  1. It does make Mueller’s investigation seem like a fast, rocket like, review of the 2016 election, rather than a glacial trial of a 2011 opinion. Perhaps the judges and plaintiff are hoping by the time a trial does occur, evidence may exist of some warming of the globe. I’m betting its more likely someone will come forward with a #MeToo moment with Mann.

  2. Mars 2075: As colonist 503, Estebon Simberg, debarks from the second successful RBMS (Really Big Mars Ship) named, The Spice is the Worm The Worm is the Spice, a glimmer of a smile escaped from the corner of his mouth. Today wasn’t just his first day on a new planet starting a new life. He had just recieved word that his great great grandfather’s defamation suit had finally been thrown out of court when the defense prompted the judge to look outside to see the damage of catestrophic global warming for herself.

    It had never been a better time to be alive on Earth. Mars was a different matter altogether.

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