The Paleo Diet

Forget it; go neolithic.

I’ve never been orthodox paleo. Basically, I’ve just cut way back on processed foods. I’m back to my college weight, my cholesterol is a little high, but the ratio is good, and my triglycerides are almost unmeasurable. I’m supposed to worry because both my parents died fairly young (father at 55, mother at 68) from coronaries, but they both were overweight, had terrible diets, and were inveterate smokers. Every time I check my arteries, no issues are found.

4 thoughts on “The Paleo Diet”

    1. I think the Paleodiet ‘meat & fish’ aspect is kinda overrated. Like I said several times, even to Cordain, there are such things as wild carrots which can be eaten raw. Plus berries and nuts. It is fairly well known these were eaten before fire was discovered, let alone alone the Neolithic. What is new is that things wheat and most cereals have a much lower vegetable fat content and like Cordain said have anti-vitamins so cannot be eaten raw. In fact one of the parts of the Mediterranean diet consists of eating bread with olives. Which probably mitigates the impact of all carboloading of eating bread in the first place.

    2. At one point I switched from the paleo diet to the raw foods diet.
      Then I started eating cooked foods again but only those which can also be eaten raw. Mostly so I could cook meat.
      Here in Europe it’s a bad idea to eat raw meat since it can contain parasites. But there in the USA, IIRC they irradiate the meat in the butcher with UVs so even that should not be a major issue. So you can have like a steak tartare.

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