Kitten Update

The gray one has figured out how to climb stairs. This could be a problem.

[Afternoon update]

When I say figured out how to climb, I meant that she is willing to come down them now that she knows she can go back up. They’ve spent their entire life with us (i.e., since Saturday) upstairs, because our house is upside down, with the living area upstairs, and the bedrooms (including my office) down. They’ve been living in Patricia’s upstairs office/bath, but now at least the gray one will have the run of the house, including my office. The black one is a little less developed; when she fell halfway down the stairs on Sunday, I had to carry her back up. But it’s only a matter of time until they’re both heading up and down.

[Update a while later]

These kittens are hilarious. I set down two bowls of food for them. One of them starts eating, and the other insists on eating from the same bowl. I pick her up and stick her face in the other one, and then she starts to eat from it.

[Update Friday morning]

Last night, we named them: Ashe and Ember (Ashe is the gray one, and I spell it like Ashe Schow’s name: she approved).


14 thoughts on “Kitten Update”

  1. The problem is when they decide to sleep on the stairs…because cats love perches they can use to oversee the action.

  2. Keeping cats from climbing stairs isn’t something we ever had success with, except for when Taz (1995-2012) was so overweight that when he wanted to go upstairs it took him two trips.

  3. Do you let your cats outdoors? I take in strays, which I have neutered and vaccinated. I keep some and distribute the rest to my friends. Some of the females show up pregnant, so I wind up with kittens to hand out.

  4. Horrible creatures, we’re staying with friends who have 2 cats and 3 kittens. They’re always running around clawing people and causing trouble. They’re what the movie ‘Gremlins’ was based on.

    1. You have actual friends? And you are staying with these cat people although you don’t like cats. If they are clawing you, they have figured you out and are merely displaying their justifiable displeasure.

      1. I said they were clawing people, I didn’t say I’ve been targeted by them in particular and I haven’t been. Kittens are annoying in much the same way wet little girls are – always seeking attention. Females and felines get more tolerable as they age.

  5. Although we are currently a single cat family (and two golden retrievers) we’ve almost always had more than one cat. Your antics with the multiple food bowls made me chuckle. While I usually put out two bowls, that was primarily to hold enough kibble to feed two felines. I suspect a single larger bowl would have been just fine because they almost always eat communally from one then move to the other. I wonder if there’s some evolutionary instinct being portrayed there.

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