4 thoughts on “Bre Payton”

  1. Obviously a loss to the conservative media…however, what worries me the most is the reporting that she was diagnosed with H1N1 swine flu (here in coastal SoCal!). I hope this is not a harbinger of a swine flu outbreak; AFAIK, the flu vaccine this year doesn’t do anything for H1N1.

    1. I think she’s a loss to the world, but my original understanding was that it was H2N2. But not sure that’s more encouraging…

      Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that young people were hit particularly hard by the 1918 pandemic, which killed more people than the Great War.

  2. I was greatly saddened by this news. I’ve lost too many friends, too young, in recent years. One was a rising star like Ms. Payton, and a very close friend. It’s just senseless.

  3. Yesterday’s news of her illness and then her passing floored me. I still can’t really talk about it.

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