The Mullahs

I hope he’s right: Can they see their destiny being played out in Venezuela?

One of the many infuriating things about the Bush administration was their insouciance at the acts of war against our troops in Iraq by Iran, who has been waging war on us for forty years now. I expected better of them. Obama was worse, of course, but that outright treason, probably at the behest of Valerie Jarrett, should have been expected.

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  1. Hope and pray he’s right. Alternative scenario is that the Mullahs remain, Kamala Harris wins in 2020, and Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM in the UK.

    The only thing that could cheer me up at that point would be if the leftbots turn out to have been right about global warming after all so I can watch them gloat on TV about the temps rising or falling just before California runs out of electricity.

  2. Countries like Iran always have defectors, it isn’t a sign of impending doom. We certainly do know more about Iran than the government lets on. With Stuxnet, we had not only information on everything Iran was doing but also cold control their centrifuges. This is why it was always strange for the Obama administration spreading disinformation about what they were doing.

    One of the many infuriating things about the Bush administration was their insouciance at the acts of war against our troops in Iraq by Iran,

    Yup. Iran and Syria should have paid a heavy price for interfering in Iraq. We have to fight wars where the enemy is. Maybe destroying Iran’s and Syria’s industrial base would have got them to stay out of it. The same is true in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    We can’t get to victory when we refuse to fight the enemy and in the case of Iraq, ignoring enemies made the war much much harder and left Iraq with significant influence and military presence in Iraq. We have the best military in human history but leaders, military and political, who are incapable of using it to get the job done.

    1. The problem with ‘destroying their industrial base’ is that they don’t have one in any meaningful sense. Their warmaking capacity was/is based on illiterate teenagers with modernized AK-47s and lots of explosives, neither of which requires much more than a few dispersed workshops.

      The only way to hurt these states is to directly target their leadership and the other organs of the state, and that is going to look VERY bad on the evening news. Unless you have a government willing to take that PR hit and endure, you are stuck using special forces and airpower (both extremely expensive) against said illiterate teenagers with AKs and explosives.

    2. Well, like they use say, I told you so.
      I still remember you folks trying to convince me the situation in Iraq or Afghanistan were comparable to Germany or Japan post WW2. That the US occupation would be cheap and the people pliable.

      That did not prove true and I already expected it to be so. I told you that borders were porous and Iraq would have weapons supplied through Syria and Iran. That Afghanistan would have weapons pouring through Pakistan. But no. You did not listen.

      Now you propose to do scorched earth tactics like you’re some Spanish Conquistador in the Middle East. Well. You know what? What’s the purpose? The original mission of the US in Afghanistan is done. The place is a quagmire. The worst place for a naval power like the US to fight. Iraq can be more or less contained, at cost, but does it even matter?

  3. I thought Obama’s policy of Detente with regards to Iran actually opened new possible avenues. But no. You guys in the US don’t seem to realize that the mullahs in Iran aren’t necessarily worse than the wahabbists in Saudi Arabia. Just different. In fact I think they are quite tame in comparison. At least they never sponsored a terrorist attack on US soil to the degree the Saudis did.

    1. What “detente” with regard to Iran? It was a giveaway.

      The Wahhabists in SA who sponsored the attacks weren’t the country’s leadership. Iran has been waging war on us for four decades.

  4. We have a governing body right now that is so hated by the left and so loved by it’s base that 2000 cruise missiles annihilating the majority of the Iranian government and military leaders, would be barely a political ripple amongst the deafening roar of the left’s alarm bell already ringing. There would be he’ll to pay at the UN, but it’s the UN. There would also be parades it most cities with Trump’s base drowning out the hand wingers with shouts of USA…USA!

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