23 thoughts on “A New Space Project To Mars”

  1. Brilliant idea. Not as a space program, but as a way of sucking money from the more gullible of the fourth wave feminists and the most guilt ridden beta cucks.

  2. My eyes bled while reading their web site. Far too heavy on SWJ and barely any mention of how they are going to go about actually getting to Mars.

    BTW, do you think they know that SpaceX is run by a woman?

    1. But… surely, the SWJ stuff is far more important to a Mars mission than the getting-to-Mars bit?

      Seriously though, my read on this is it’s a scam; they just want to fleece the gullible and stupid (the SJW crowd). If so, I say more power to them.

  3. Gwynne Shotwell may run SpaceX, but she doesn’t make nearly what Mark Zuckerberg does which just shows that the wage gap is getting bigger, not smaller in Trump’s America.

    1. Fenster662, are you being sarcastic? Whatever the salary difference between Gwynne Shotwell and Mark Zuckerberg might be is immaterial and comparing apples to oranges. I’m not even sure what your point is other than to bash Trump on a topic that doesn’t concern him in the least.

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of this lot, I had a look for their “cast”, they don’t appear to have too many engineers in their ranks so far.

  5. From their goals page…

    “Real change occurs when women own large infrastructure companies in sectors such as transport, energy or telecommunications.”

    Private ownership of the means of production?! How bourgeoisie!!!

  6. “We say, what if we build a company run and managed by women. What if the company is a major multinational all female space corporation with a sole goal of building a whole new world on Mars.”

    What if? All female? Sounds like a violation of U.S. labor laws, that’s what if.

    Perhaps New Zealand’s labor laws are different. Though I doubt it.

  7. I should add, I’ve got nothing against New Zealand women. I’ve been married to one for the last 41 years, who has been my business partner and who has worked beside me nearly everyday.
    Thank god for NZ farmer’s daughters and the NZ Girl Guides (Girl Scouts for you USAians).
    There are a lot of women who will not strap on a parachute and fly an Experimental homebuilt across the continent with you, my wife isn’t one of them.

  8. Have you looked at their “Cast”?
    The first kids is a guy dressed up like a girl. So I’ll just forget the whole “girls only team” thing. It is the least interesting thing about them anyway. More important is that they are all young, like they just got out of collage. (no bio info so it is hard to tell) This is a bit ambitious for a half dozen kids that have no fiscal backing, no profit motive, and no prior experience in building deep space vehicles. I wonder which one read The Martian and thought “I could do better than that!”

  9. We will establish a new precedent, proving that women are the equal of men

    Equality through bigotry…

    The feminist trope that society doesn’t recognize that women who put in the work and have the experience are capable and competent is a giant strawman. There are some realities in terms of biology and personal choice but that is a far cry from the claim that society thinks women are incompetents.

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