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  1. I arrived in Colorado in late 1985 courtesy of the Air Force. While there, I used to see bumper stickers from time to time that read, “Don’t Californicate Colorado”. Unfortunately, they did. The changes in Colorado were a result of a deliberate plan created and carried out by a small number of very wealthy people who set out to change Colorado from purple to bright blue. They were very successful.

    I left Colorado in 2012 to take a job in another state. Things were already getting bad then and from all reports are much worse now. If it weren’t for friends and family that still live there, I would never return. As it is, a week is usually about as much as I can stand. Colorado is such a beautiful state but what has happened to it is a damned shame.

  2. The Boulder Bigots are running the state, and like Leftists everywhere, they’re not shy about ratcheting while they can.

    What’s tiresome is that should the Caretaker/Stupid Party gain back any sort of power, they’ll be more than satisfied with maintaining things.

    (Funny how over the years, all those people wanting to move to this state, especially in the couple of years after pot legalization, always wanted to move to Boulder or one of the ski areas. Never to a place like Greeley or Limon or even Grand Junction.)

  3. I normally don’t like to let Californians know that Utah exists unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I think we could make an exception for Rand. Lots of decent options in both the mountains and the deserts.

    But I’m not telling anyone what my plan is for when Utah gets too much more like California. There are still a few quiet places left out there that haven’t been wrecked by Instagram.

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