4 thoughts on “White House Behavior”

  1. Interesting history lesson but one need not go back farther than the last administration for examples of behavior worse than Trump. The difference is how that behavior is portrayed in the media and this in turn shapes the perception of the audience, even with people who think they are immune or who have a favorable view of Trump in general.

    Trump’s behavior is a bit like that of a dualist. An opponent picks the weapon and Trump responds proportionately. What we haven’t been given the opportunity to observe is Trump’s response to good criticism, civil political differences, and ethical journalism.

    1. Good criticism, civil political differences, and ethical journalism all having gone the way of the dodo bird it seems vanishingly unlikely we shall see any of the above anent Trump.

  2. But the misbehaving Democrats were part of the Elect–and therefore deserving of a free pass. (See “Antinomianism.”)

  3. Liberals never cared about Slick Willy’s pecadillos because he voted correctly.

    They never cared about Hillary’s espionage and flagrant violation of Federal law because…she voted correctly.

    They only go after someone if they don’t vote “correctly”

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