S3x Bucket Lists

This seems a little weird to me. I’ve never done it in a car, and if I did, it would have only been because it was the only place available (which was in fact the case for many teenagers in the mid-20th century). I also don’t get the “in a body of water” thing.

3 thoughts on “S3x Bucket Lists”

  1. I can understand the water thing; it would be akin to a near weightless environment. I would think top of a man’s bucket list would be to receive oral, but it’s not there.

    With food? The respondents of this poll don’t seem to have much experience with the concept of s3x.

  2. First of all most people think of hot tubs when water is suggested. I’m a rural guy…we all think river or pond. Both amazing, think starlight sex and warm water. Don’t ‘knock until you’ve tried it. Waving said that it is a young mans game. Lots of traction issues, and then breathing is important. There are two heads that need constant access to the atmosphere. All this can be accomplished in the shallows.

  3. I found myself wondering who the audience was. These are people whose bucket list includes typical sex, so maybe teenagers? I dislike anal sex and all the B&N/S&M stuff, so I try to avoid women who want them. “Bodies of water…” My second wife and I honeymooned in the Poconos, her idea because of the in-room pools, and I had a GF who was kind of naturist-like (so ponds and lakes, and one ocean-bobbing attemp that could have been fatal). My take on water deeper than a hot tub is, too much effort for too little reward. I don’t even like water beds. The floor was fine until I got too old and stiff in the wrong places…

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