Is there a database doctor in the house? I’m trying to do a new installation. I created the database, follow all the instruction, but when I start to install WordPress, it creates a database structure, with no tables, then kicks out a bunch of errors for each table it didn’t create. It’s somewhat infuriating.

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  1. MySQL? Postgres? A sample error message could help.

    A new installation shouldn’t have too many complications. So my best guess with zero information would be the permissions table doesn’t grant the correct access to add/modify/remove tables for the user the install script is connecting as.

    Admittedly I haven’t touched WordPress in probably a decade.

  2. It sounds like the wordpress user does not have table creTion rights in mysql. Assuming the wp-config file matches the mysql user and password, then that is where the problem will be. If you have phpmyadmin installed, it should let you adjust the wp user permissions correctly. Table create, select, alter, delete, etc should all be set to true. If you need more detail, I can give exact references. Just need to know some server specs.

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