4 thoughts on “China’s Space Program”

  1. Historically the Chinese Establishment has been all about Hegemony and uninterested in Exploration. As soon as the Foreign Barbarians start making a profit then they will start moving…

  2. I think hysteria is an overly sensational adjective to use that is just an insult to avoid dealing with the topic rationally and also ignores what China is actually doing in preference of confirming the biases of those claiming there is some sort of red scare.

  3. No, actually the Chinese are supposedly interested in lunar colonization. The thing is it’s not in their near term plans.
    In that regard these are not science missions as much as precursory exploratory missions.

    The immediate plan over the next decade is, like the article says, the space station. Because of the numerous delays with Long March 5 their plan is delayed by several years.

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