One thought on “Space Traffic Management”

  1. back then were that China had an active human lunar program, and they were in a “race” with the United States to send people to the surface of the Moon, neither of which was true.M

    There isn’t a “space race” but a marathon and it isn’t in the cold war context but rather just a competition. Whether or not people want to admit it, we are competing in space with the Chinese, Russians, Europeans ect just as we compete with them in other domains. This doesn’t have to have a negative connotation but too many people view competition as a negative thing.

    China is focused on their own goals and aspirations. They don’t have to follow the same development path that the USA did. People should look at what they are capable of rather than saying they haven’t done X yet like the USA did or they are doing things we did N years ago. Dinging China for delays is also a pointless thing to do as delays are common and are less important than them making steady progress on their objectives.

    assuming the motivations China harbors are akin to that of the erstwhile U.S.S.R. … These opinion articles focus on China’s civil space programs,

    China doesn’t have a “civil” space program per se. Everything is controlled by the Communist Party and doesn’t operate independently but rather fits into the larger strategic goals that the party has for China and their place in the world. Yes, China has different motivations than the USSR but you have to look at the larger view of what China is doing and not think that their “civil” space program bears no affinity to the overarching strategy of the Chinese government.

    You can’t just look at their space program alone. It has to be analyzed in how it supports, or fits into, how the Communist Party is managing China. China views themselves in competition with us. Why would anyone choose to be blind to it?

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