One thought on “Future Visions, Current Issues In Space”

  1. “But given the sheer scope of the challenge we face in outer space, this is not something that the United States can address alone:
    it will require active collaboration and cooperation from our international partners. ”

    I will point out obvious, this done by doing, not talking.
    If do something, talking [of some of importance] will follow as result [and that is good] but it begins with doing stuff.
    And US should explore the Moon [to determine where and whether there is minable water] then explore Mars.
    And then one can talk endlessing about the Moon, once there is something worth talking about.

    Most article about orbital debris [dealing with China].
    I think we should get ISS out of low earth orbit and Mars exploration should be staged from high earth orbit. Though low earth orbit could used for orbital depots.
    A fuel depot in LEO is way to lift more payload to higher orbits or escape velocities.
    I think of a fuel depot as part of spaceport- a spaceport with depot could make rockets deliver larger payloads beyond LEO.
    And LOX depot at 28 degrees inclination could serve the needs of KSC. And putting depot in LEO, could be cheaper way to establish operation capability of depots anywhere in space [high Earth, Mars orbits, low Lunar orbit, etc].
    The depots are not manned, but can used and/or maintained crewed missions, but LOX depot should start by refueling robotic exploration missions to land on the Moon [or elsewhere].

    MEGA-CONSTELLATIONS are something we need and are one more reason to move ISS to high earth orbit

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