3 thoughts on “Michael Mann’s Smears At Newsweek”

  1. A “disgrace to the profession” ?

    In point of fact I’m not sure ANYONE published a direct accusation that Mann is (or was) a fraud. I think the lawsuit has reduced itself in law to a dispute about whether a description of a GRAPH as “fraudulLENT” should be considered defamation of a PERSON; and if so, how damaging is such a defamatory remark.

    All the jokes and hyperbole about State Pens and Penn State Noble Peas Prices and torturing upside down data and ring-mastering the circus and shoddy investigators of child abusers who obviously can’t be trusted to investigate so much as a wayward e-mail …. all that stuff seems to have vanished in pre-trial.

    But then, I am not a climate scientist. Surely a famous, Peas Price -worthy climatologist can explain the law to us better than I can.

  2. How is it that a mann who regularly hurls insults and lies about people also sues people for offending him? He even mocks people for having thin skins for responding to his insults.

    His timelime is illustrative of the bigotry of the sciency crowd and AGW alarmists. They don’ understand the people they disagree with and view them through bigoted stereotypes.

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