5 thoughts on “Democrats”

  1. Funny thing about “hate.” To “liberals” (and by that I mean of course “tax-happy, coercion-addicted, power-tripping State fellators”)
    opposition to statism is motivated by hate. The unsytated Orwellian flip side would then seem to be “Statism=Love.” Weird, then, how statism achiveed such a high body count. I guess its millions of victims were killed with love.

  2. The op-ed lays it out a little bit, a demonization came first, then the call to action. Democrats are very good at emotional manipulation and are very open to it, It wouldn’t take much of a nudge and I think we would find there was a deliberate pr campaign to go step by step in manipulating Democrats into thinking they have a moral obligation to act.

    Those acts would range from violence, abuse of government power, abuse of corporate power, and abuse of personal power to also voting and protesting depending on how devout a person viewed themselves. Every person has an individual enthusiasm hurdle they are expected to meet but the hurdle always gets higher because of the behavior of the larger group reinforces the behaviors through attacking their own who don’t measure up.

    It is very much like a cult.

    1. When you look at democrat arguments, there are more than a few which, if you accept the premise uncritically and follow through to the logical conclusion, lead to morally abhorrent conclusions.

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