That Meeting On The Tarmac

Jim Treacher has an interesting theory about it.

Maybe. But had she described a meeting in which Hillary’s legal fate was discussed, she would have opened herself up to a clear case of obstruction, so perhaps she thought a risk of a perjury rap was preferable.

5 thoughts on “That Meeting On The Tarmac”

  1. I can believe that for no other reason than as “first gentleman” he’d be under constant media surveillance. Subsequently, jetting off to the Caribbean for a little under age nooky would be completely off the table.

    1. Enh, he would just have it delivered and the press wouldn’t say squat. The press would probably make deliveries for him.

  2. Interesting conjecture, Mr. Treacher.

    But to really believe that level of “palace intrigue”, you need to be addicted to watching Game of Thrones.

    Like what I quoted claiming “(GOT) is about people unhappy about who their rulers are and acting insane or stupid”, this version of events fits right in.

  3. How were Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder picked? Did Obama use his feet? Or some other appendage?

    With his glowing, pulsating brain. I’d bet 50,000 quatloos on it.

  4. Plausible but not highly likely.

    A counter argument is that Bill knew if that crazy harridan lost, the money machine that is the Clinton Foundation would grind to a halt – which it did.

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