Global Heating

Our children will never know what snow in Yosemite in mid-May looks like.

This has been an unusually wet winter, even in southern California. We got quite a bit of rain here early Sunday morning, with more showers expected in the next couple days and this weekend (Memorial Day!). The new growth, including in the burn areas up the coast north of Malibue, is tremendous. It’s still green, and will be into June or July, but it’s going to make a lot of fuel when the rains stop in late summer and fall. If every winter was like this one, we would no longer be living in a desert. That’s the kind of climate change I could definitely get behind. But we’d still be stuck with our crazy voters and government.

5 thoughts on “Global Heating”

  1. I live in Arizona, and if indeed this is due to climate change, something must be done!

    It’s been snowing today here in northern Arizona. In May! This, along with June, are usually my two highest electric bills due to the AC. So, this strange weather has had a financial impact on me; I’m now going to have to figure out what to do with the $100 I haven’t spent on AC this month. Horrifying.

    This is usually prime wildfire season. So, instead of worrying about maybe getting burned alive, I’ve got to sit here enjoying the above-average precipitation this year, precipitation that’s also wiped out my hay fever – I haven’t so much as sneezed in days. Devastating.

    Oh, and to make things even worse, the freeze last night killed off the mosquitoes. Oh, the humanity…

    Surely, results like this are worth spending trillions to prevent?

  2. The response is that an individual event does not invalidate the general thesis. Some go on to say that the snow is because of global warming, since it means greater evaporation from the sea, and combined with unstable weather patterns caused by the heating, snow in May in Yosemite is caused by global warming.

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