5 thoughts on “Wayne Hale”

  1. …for my new company.

    I must not have been paying close enough attention to this blog.

    What new company?

    1. The one that I’ll be getting off the ground this year (I hope) but haven’t announced yet, either formally or otherwise. It will involve transportation and other services in LEO.

  2. We need an orbital (and planetary) outfitters. Somebody to do suits and the mundane stuff. If one could get from development to production with product before the cash burn eats one alive.

    1. Yup. In the California gold rush, it wasn’t the miners that made money, it was Levi Strauss.

  3. After he retired, Wayne Hale came to work for the company I’m at now. It has little to do with space flight, but his insight was very valuable. There was a while when I volunteered at JSC to do VIP tours of Bldg 9 and then would hand the VIP over to Wayne at MCC. I never got to know Wayne as well as Milt Heflin, but I was in awe of them more than the astronauts. I’m glad he will continue to provide his sage advice to NASA. They need it.

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